Strictly for the Birds

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I've been birding for as long as I can remember, which is likely my entire life. Even when I was just a small kid my father would take me birding at Parker River Wildlife Refuge, and I'd do bird whenever I could in my backyard.

When I was still quite young, I took his David Sibley's Birds of North America and sat down with it. I was fascinated with all the amazing illustrations; with lapwings and plovers, gulls and terns, sparrows and warblers. The world beyond my yard grew as I read, and I wanted more. After that I picked up Nat Geo's 3rd edition, then Roger Tory Peterson's full continent guide. At last count, I have about 100 bird books in my bedroom alone. They range from typical guidebooks to books on feeders, fiction works, birding advice and bird photography. If you're looking for a guide Sibley's Guide to Birds won't let you down.

A few Christmases ago, I got serious about photography and took my gift money and bought a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS to replace the Sony I had “borrowed” from my mother. This camera was great and did the job, and I was blessed to learn with it. However a couple years ago I saved up and bought a Canon EOS 7D and 400mm f/5.6L lens. This is a dream setup for me, and I am privileged to own it. I hope to share with you here God's stunning world that I see through my lens. 

Personal things about me:


I am seventeen years old. And -in case there was any confusion (I hope there wasn't)- I am a boy.

I have three pets: my two sisters and a cat.

My grandmother lives in our house; she’s a huge blessing to us all, and also one of my biggest supporters.

My parents are fantastic, and my dad enjoys birding with me whenever he can get away from work.

I play soccer and run track for Hamilton/Wenham HS, and love almost any game. I'm probably over-competitive. Never mind. I'm definitely over-competitive.

These things all play a role in my life, but this website is

Strictly for the Birds.





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