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Florida - and a New Beginning

Posted on February 13, 2016 at 2:20 PM


My true apologies for not being good about posts for a LONG time. School caught up to me, and then passed me, and I haven’t been able to catch up to it! That is still no good excuse, but wait there’s more. My site collapsed as I was renovating it and I had to go through the process of renewing it. So what you see now is a very new, [hopefully] improved design. Starting now I am going to try to post very regularly, even if it isn’t very long. In addition, I am removing the photos on here taken with my old camera, and redoing my store. Thanks for your patience, and please enjoy the first post!


FLORIDA- a state renowned for its wildlife and photographic opportunities. A deep southern paradise that stages a cornucopia of stunning birds, from spoonbills to terns to warblers. This January I was privileged to go down and shoot some of my favorite creatures on the planet, and here is a photographic account.


Staying in Bonita Springs, just north of Naples on the Gulf coast, we were treated to many birds of the shoreline and woods. Here are some of my best from the trip, given chronologically.


A Yellow-rumped Warbler - my first decent shot during the week. These small warblers were the most abundant then, on migration headed north.


Here is a Red-bellied Woodpecker, licking insects out from under the tree’s bark.


A Turkey Vulture soars, using its heightened sense of smell to search for food below.


A small White-eyed Vireo poses, showing off its obvious white iris that makes it look surprised.


An American Crow prepares to swallow the last of a lizard catch.


This White Ibis, a common Florida bird, posed elegantly on the top of a dead mangrove tree.


A famous Floridian, this Roseate Spoonbill flicks a small invertebrate into the air to swallow it.


This Yellow-throated Warbler poses against a pale background, setting off its yellow breast.


A fantastic fisher, this Tricolored Heron takes a rest on a tree overlooking a mangrove swamp.


A striking Anhinga stretches out, the background dissolved in shadows.


A Belted Kingfisher catches the last rays of the sun.


Preening before his next dive, this Brown Pelican sits in the canopy of a mangrove.


Feared by small animals across the southern states, a Loggerhead Shrike perches innocently before laying claim to its next victim. These birds look perfectly beautiful until they catch a bird and hang it on some barbed wire before tearing it apart. They collect small animals like that, creating what ornithologists call a larder.



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