Songbirds Songbirds Swamp Sparrow A pretty Swampie poses amid fall foliage. 200351498 Tufted Titmouse An interested titmouse. 200351499 Black-capped Chickadee A chickadee yelling at me for being too close. 200351500 Ruby-throated Hummingbird A female Ruby-throated incubating two tiny eggs. 200351501 American Robin A male robin delivers his dusk song in the fading evening light. 200351529 Wood Thrush A Wood Thrush pauses momentarily high in the canopy of old growth forest. 200351530 Northern Parula This bright parula poses, backdropped by beautiful blossoms. 200351532 Yellow Warbler This amazing male Yellow Warbler hides within the confines of a large pine. 200351533 Black-capped Chickadee A beautiful chickadee perches on a frosty December plant. 201074224 Song Sparrow A song poses in a berry bush. 201074225 Black-and-white Warbler A wonderfully-patterned warbler catches a small insect. 201074227 White-breasted Nuthatch A male nuthatch poses while collecting invertebrates from the bark of a tree. 201074228 Common Yellowthroat A female yellowthroat perches deep in a marsh thicket. 201074229 Nelson's Sparrow A Nelson's Sparrow sits between the reeds in an expanse of marsh. 201074230 Golden-crowned Kinglet A kinglet, barely bigger than a hummingbird, dives from a bush. 201074231